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"Proper Governance is paramount to human development, Q is key to achieving the goal of a transparent, secure, and equitable governance model for the digital age, that is why I am so excited to participate in this project"

Pablo Coirolo - CEO Light47 

  • Pablo Coirolo

Q Root Node application 


Light47 GmbH is a Liechtenstein-based company, registered with the Liechtenstein Comercial Registry under the registration number FL-0002.580.368-8. Light47 helps Blockchain Companies develop their ecosystems and implement new and innovative business models. Mr. Pablo Coirolo is the founder and CEO of Light47, he has over 25 years of experience in the Telecom, Finance, IT, and Blockchain industries, he entered the Blockchain/Crypto space in 2014 and since then has been working to create the real-world implementation of Blockchain related projects and building bridges between Europe and LATAM. He is a board member of the Crypto Country Association of Liechtenstein and the founder of Crypto Bay Montevideo. 

Mr. Coirolo is a strong advocate, supporter, and researcher of Blockchain based governance, from the Liquid democracy model he implemented with the Digital Party of Uruguay in 2019 to recently being accepted as a P.h.D candidate in Business Economics at the University of Liechtenstein where he will research the organizational structure of DAO´s for the Digital age.

Light 47 represented by its CEO/Founder Pablo Coirolo is very happy to apply to become one of the Root Nodes of the Q Blockchain contributing to securing, developing, and upholding the constitution of the Q Network. 


Light 47

House of Blockchain

Dr. Grass-Strasse 12
FL-9490 Vaduz



Managing Director:

Mr. Pablo Coirolo

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Q - Mainnet Root Node Public Address:


Acceptance of the Q constitution with hash:


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